Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We graciously accept all donations in any dollar amount. Every dollar is appreciated and put towards a creative end. Be it a film, play, podcast, magazine, website, or any other one of our creative facets, your money is going towards the creation of something new and interesting for you and everyone else to enjoy.

We currently have two methods for donations. The first is an all purpose fund through paypal. To donate here click on the button below or follow the paypal instructions.

Paypal instructions:
Go to www.paypal.com and sign in. Registration is quick and easy and only necessary so that the donation is secure. Enter Jwitz13@gmail.com in the "Recipient's Email" box, fill out the rest of the form accordingly and that's it!

Fundable.org is our second donation option. Fundable allows you to donate money towards a specific project. When the project reaches its goal, all of the donors accounts are charged, however, if the goal is not reached, you are charged nothing. To Donate through fundable.org simply follow this link: https://www.fundable.org/groupactions/spotthreeproductions


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